Jessica Thomas

Nutritional Consultant, Clinical Herbalist

With over ten years’ experience consulting with clients, Jessica’s training as a Clinical Herbalist & Nutritional Consultant has been a lifelong endeavor. Instilled with the deep desire to know more about natural therapies, she acquired her Bachelors in Natural Health Sciences. This education emphasized using nutrition in combating health concerns.  Over the years, she has mentored under American Herbalist Guild Register Herbalist and sought out training in an array of modalities. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic studies led to her deep understanding of the proper use of herbal therapies and aromatherapy.  She assists in helping providers and their patients apply clinically proven herbal formulas such as Byron White’s and Lyme disease.  She works with people to get to the root of their health problems by design wellness plans which include specialized diets and customized herbal formulas.  This is specific to their bodies’ constitution and the constellation of issues they are experiencing. She is well versed in coaching clients through functional medicine protocols as outlined by their primary care provider.  Practitioners can utilize Jessica’s services in supporting their patients to make changes such as diet, nutracueticals, and herbal therapies and stress management. She has particular passion for people struggle with chronic, tough to resolve conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, EBV, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, IBS  and Lyme disease.  Her strong background in herbal formulary allows her to compound herbal formulas ranging from medicinal teas, tinctures, essential oils and more.  Additionally, one of her favorite endeavors has been teaching workshops and classes. When she’s not working with clients you can find Jessica in her herb garden or wild crafting herbs in the foothills.